Filter drink bottle and/or straw

In addition to a refillable bottle, I also travel with a filter bottle. This is THE lifesaver! With my filtered water bottle I can scoop water from the dirtiest river and drink it. I can drink water from any tap or source (except for salty water). There’s different filter bottles on the market. The best filter drink bottle I have found is the one of Water-to-go. Unlike many other bottles, the Water to go filter bottle does not just have a carbon filter. The by NASA developed filter is so small that it filters out 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Yes, the bottle and filter (which lasts +/-2 months) is made from (BPA free) plastic. Though by having this bottle, you don’t have to buy a disposable plastic bottle. Ever again. Besides the waste, bottled water that has been in the sun or heated is highly toxic. Water is a becoming a more and more scarce resource, plastic is becoming a nightmare. It’s estimated that Europe only already throws ‘away’ 30 million plastic bottles per DAY. Thanks to this bottle you never EVER have to buy a disposable plastic bottle again. This bottle brings drinking water if you don’t have access to clean water. Drinkable tap water is a luxury that most of us don’t have and you often don’t have during travels. This bottle is a lifesaver on sailingboats as well.
Check de website: http://theoceanpreneur.com/